If you are a Muslim, and you truly believe, is it right for you to feel sad and depressed? Or is there more to this that is often overlooked?
Sadness is an emotion that is acknowledged in the Qur’an and Sunnah alike. The problem isn’t with the feeling, rather, about how we deal with it.
Do you have others in the community approaching you with this question and you’re not sure how to support them?
Question is, what is the right way to approach all psychological issues in Islam?
Ihsaan working in partnership with Al-Balagh Academy has answers for you in its new course Islamic Psychology and Counselling – Level 1, that has been exclusively designed by leading Muslim Psychological Therapists who have a keen understanding of the primary psychological challenges faced by our diverse Muslim Communities.
Covering a range of topics including anxiety, depression, stress, black magic and more, this course will delve into both the medical and Islamic point of view.
A ground-breaking course that will help you see your emotions in a new and positive light and to give you a better understanding to help your community.

Course Details:
Start Date: 8th January 2022 | Duration: 4+ months | Commitment: 2-3 hours per week |
Fee: £119.99 £99.99 (Includes 20% Tuition Assistance under COVID-19 Relief)

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