picture of light shining through a mosque window

Ihsaan Therapeutic Services CIC is a Community Psychology Service providing specialised psychological therapies.

Ihsaan was established to meet the demand from within the Muslim community and other communities for psychological therapies that are more religiously and culturally appropriate than those offered by other providers.

Ihsaan aims to:

  • Support in providing psychological therapy and counselling services that are congruent with the languages, the religious and spiritual beliefs of our diverse communities.
  • Link with GPs and other services to provide a holistic and integrated service.
  • Be accessible and affordable.
  • Provide training in Islamic Psychology and Islamically appropriate therapies.
  • Promote Psychological and spiritual well-being in the community.


Deriving from the word Hasan (beautiful), Ihsaan has the sense of acting in the most perfect of ways to bring beauty to the outward actions and inner hearts of people.

Reason for name

Ihsaan describes how we aspire to work as an organisation and our aim of helping clients experience their full human potential, inwardly and outwardly.