Referral Procedure

Clients can self-refer or can be referred by their GP or another health professional. Referrals can be made using the online referral forms below. We are unable to accept referrals via e-mail due to confidentiality.

Please note we do not provide an emergency service. Please contact your GP and out of hours services should you require urgent support with your mental health.

Referral pathway

All referrals are considered on a monthly basis at an allocation meeting led by a senior member of the team. You will be contacted to arrange an initial assessment after this.

We aim to arrange the initial assessment within 3 months  of the allocation meeting.


The initial assessment and Therapy

The initial assessment will be conducted by a qualified member in the team. The initial assessment will be an hour long. The therapist will discuss your difficulties and your hopes for psychological therapy. The therapist will then discuss the most appropriate way forward. We are able to give an indication regarding the length of therapy which is suitable for your needs. You may only need a few sessions or may benefit from longer-term therapy to address past trauma and long-standing issues.

Following the initial assessment, the therapist will book in the first therapy however, there may be a wait of up to 3 months before you are allocated for your course of therapy.


Waiting list

We may close our waiting list to new referrals, where waiting times exceed 6 months. We shall review this on a monthly basis.

Our service is currently open to new referrals


Consultation appointments

Due to the scope of our service, we are unable to provide a psychological therapy service for children and those with complex mental health difficulties.

However, we have found a one-off consultation appointment for service users that fall outside the scope of the service has been beneficial.

Furthermore, we are able to provide such sessions for parents, carers and professionals supporting people with mental health difficulties.

Examples of types of consultations

Parent in relation to a child with anxiety and difficulties socialising post COVID

Adult with severe mental health difficulties requiring a holistic perspective

Client and therapist undergoing psychological therapy in an NHS setting, requiring cultural/religious advice in the adaptation of therapy to meet the client’s needs

At the consultation appointment the senior clinician from the Ihsaan team will seek to understand the difficulties holistically, give advice considering cultural and religious aspects of the presentation and sign post to relevant services as appropriate.

Consultation appointments are one hour long and are usually a one off appointment.

We aim to arrange the consultation appointment within 60 days of the allocation meeting.

Please note when completing the form you may wish to give anonymous information, due to consent considerations.


We aim to provide a low-cost accessible psychological therapy service. Initial Assessment and Consultation appointment cost £40.  The cost of a therapy session is £35. There will be separate charge for any letters or reports that you may require.

Make a referral

Please complete the relevant online referral from using the link below.

Referral form for clinicians and other referrers

Self-referral Form 

Consultation Appointment